Post-98: Wishing Well for Surgeries

I know I said that post-97 would be my last post for a while. I’m making this one instead of packing, because I’ll be far, far “AFK” (Away From Keyboard) for almost a week.

Next week, the first week of July 2013, two important people to me will be having surgery.

One is my younger sister, Kate. The procedure has been planned for a long time. It has to do with her heart. The date has been moved around a lot, but my mother tells me it is now fixed on July 2nd. I’d heard “late July” just last week.

The other is my friend Jared. Jared’s surgery will be in Ilsan, Korea. that’s the city I used to live in, and the city he’s lived in most of the past six years. I will visit him in the hospital during his recovery in July. He may be out of work for up to two months. Jared has meant more to me, in Korea, than he may ever know.

My sister, Kate, is, actually, the “least intelligent” person I’ve ever personally known, in that she was born mentally-retarded and deaf (although, it may be possible that she was, in her younger years, “socially smarter” than I ever was, at a raw “dealing with other human beings” level). Kate cannot talk or understand any words. She can do some basic sign language. / Jared is, meanwhile, is very likely the “most intelligent” person I’ve ever known personally. He is a fascinating man (e.g., though accepted into Harvard, he declined to attend). I feel like I become smarter myself just being around him. He’s also been around the world. He inspired me to start this blog, whatever that’s worth.

I wish both well.  My sympathies extend clear across the IQ spectrum.

Please, be alright.

Here is a picture of my sister from the ’90s. I took it with me to Korea in 2011, where it has remained on my wall.

I miss seeing my sister. It’s been almost two years.


  1. Very touching comments to two very important people in your life. Each of them have things to teach you, as does everyone we encounter in life!

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