Post-372: Five (Six) Years and Counting

[Originally written: March 31, 2018. Remained in Draft form, unpublished, until amended and posted September 9 2019.]

The five-year anniversary of Yuletide (a.k.a. Yule Tide) blog came and went in March 2018. (As did the six-year, March 2019.)

The first post was in late March 2013. I recall still today that was an unusually cold March.

A brief retrospection:

The inspiration for creating this blog was, I think, a period of pessimism and boredom in winter of 2012-2013. I was in Bucheon, South Korea. For various reasons relating to my job situation, now not worth going into, it was a tough time. What was I was doing at this job and in this country (i.e., Korea), I asked myself.

Early 2013 is also the time I decided to attempt the hike across South Korea (in a very difficult path known as the Baekdu Daegan); I think I made a personal commitment to do that in either late January or Feb. 2013. So both those decisions are Say not the Struggle nought Availeth-worthy.

In any case, this website served an important role during that period and far beyond. The job ended eventually. The blog didn’t end, though it did slow down. The lack of posting in recent years is due in no small part to several technical problems with the blog-hosting company, problems severe enough as to ultimately greatly discourage me from posting. I tried to solve them in 2018, and/or move the blog, but failed at both.

The blog has now (Sept. 2019) moved to digitally greener pastures. Thank you to Jared W. for this help with this move.