Post-403: Life-banned

Thoughts on Trump “life-banned” from the Internet by all the major platforms acting in concert, un-personed.

I wrote the previous post here (“Storming the Capitol“) within 48 hours of the occupation of the U.S. Capitol grounds and successful protest-disruption of the counting of the presidential electors.

In writing that reaction-essay, I didn’t check then-immediately-current coverage. (As I wrote in that reaction-essay, the entire point of this medium is to record my own thoughts and experiences, a semi-open journal.) I see now that the reaction by the forces of the federal government and its backers is much more forceful than I allowed myself to expect:

After at first a twelve-hour ban for “inciting violence” and heavy censorhip of specific tweets, Twitter finally permanently banned Donald Trump, the sitting president, banned from his main means of communicating with the public. Every other Internet platform then did the same. Then he tried to use the @POTUS account, and they deleted his tweets there and froze the account. Really strange, coup d’etat stuff. Over one raucous political protest? Over a few pranksters breaking into the Capitol building and taking funny pictures?

My tone in writing the reaction essay (Jan. 8) was much lighter. This one, less so.

The simultaneous, coordinated ban of the President is a dark step, a tearing-off-the-mask moment: What is now called “Big Tech” and other non-democratic forces are now obviously more powerful than the actual president. Funny. Actually, not funny. Kind of scary. Isn’t it? Dystopian. Yes, there is dystopian fiction of the not-too-distant past had plots revolving around exactly this kind of thing.

At the same time, an apparent purge of his supporters. Mass arrests of protestors who occupied the Capitol are said to be ongoing (despite almost no arrests and almost no charges against anyone for the Black Lives Matter protests/riots/etc.).

Another impeachment, this time under charge of treason. This is hysterical overreaction, and a major escalation by an angry, humiliated federal government apparatus.

Well into “banana republic” territory, it would seem; is the United States on a civil war footing?

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